Who am I?

I would briefly like to introduce myself to you:

My name is Karen van Gogh and family of the famous painter Vincent van Gogh. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember and have taken classes for this to keep me up to speed on all the shading techniques available. I have also studied to become a make-up artist at The House of Orange in Amsterdam to learn more about shapes, faces, colors etc and am certified.

I have also studied in Germany in Munich at Long time Liner. This is one of the best permanent make-up education institutes there is in Europe and completed it. I have also done extensive training abroad in America, England and a couple other countries too.

I have been in this field of work now for the last 19 years and I still am training and learning as much as I can, when possible.

I am a perfectionist and give my clients my all and I do my work above everything with a lot of joy, passion and love.

So, I thank you for your trust in advance.

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