Below you will find frequently asked questions. Click on a question and the answer will appear below the question.

Is it painful?

Because of the anesthetic you take with you, you feel almost nothing. I work very quietly and relaxed.

Can I go to work the next day?

Yes you can certainly, but if you have doubts about how you heal,I advise you to do the treatment just before the weekend or take a day off work after the treatment.

How long is the recovery?

The healing takes place between the 5-12 days, depending on skin type etc.

How many treatments are included in the price?

Two treatments are included in the price; the treatment itself and an additional treatment that should take place within three months

How long does it stay on?

It is semi- permanent make up. It can vary person to person. But in general it can stay in the skin from 1-5 years.

How long will the treatment take?

This can take between two and three hours, depending on the area. The second appointment (follow-up treatment) takes less time.

Will my PMU treatment be covered by my insurance?

Not for cosmetic reasons, but some insurances will cover the costs after medical reasons such as birth defects (cleft lip) alopecia or after chemo therapy. Please note that you as a client need to find out first before getting the procedure done.

How is the color determined?

I do that via a test patch. This means that I apply the pigment (color) with a cotton swab to your skin on the area to be treated. This allows us to see well after a minute how the color will be and whether it fits your skin type.

How should I take care of my PMU and for how long?

You should take care of it for at least 7-14 days with an aftercare ointment/ vaseline, which you will receive from me, along with the aftercare instructions.

How long can I not use make-up?

Do not use make up for at least 7 days! This is very important due to infection and color retention.

Is the end result immediately visible?

No, not always because it can fade up to 30-40% and then a follow-up treatment is required.

Am I allowed to put my contact lenses back in straight after my treatment?

No, this due to the risk that pigment can flow under your contacts and discolor them making them unsafe to use driving home. Because of swelling I advise you to leave them out for at least 24 hours. Please take a pair of glasses with on the day of your treatment.

How do I know if I am suitable for a permanent make-up treatment?

I determine that via an intake interview that takes place prior to the treatment.

Can I get permanent make-up done during/after chemo/radiation?

No, absolutely not! Because both your immune system/blood levels will not be up to standard and because of this, you will not heal correctly and be at risk of getting a severe infection.

How long after chemo/radiation may I have PMU done?

This you need to discuss with your doctor. After he has given you your clean bill of health (written) then I can start your procedure. Not before! Please contact me, if you have any questions or reservations on this matter.